Day trip and sunset trip
Day Tour – 50€

Enjoy sailing around the Bay of Palma with pleasant music, sun and scenery on our Life and Sea catamaran.

Dance, swim and snorkel or simply relax in our hammocks.

Our catamaran is designed to give you maximum comfort, all while enjoying the relaxing breeze of the Mediterranean Sea.

Discover the underwater world with our free to use snorkeling equipment.

With easy accessability everybody on board is able to swim and cool down.

Relax and enjoy this unforgettable sailing trip together with your friends and family on board our Life and Sea catamaran.

Sunset Tour – 60€

Enjoying a sunset on a catamaran is an experience that will not only enrich your stay in Mallorca but also be part of your memories!.

It is perfect for families or groups of friends who want to live an amazing sailing experience, while relaxing in a luxurious and elegant setting.

Experience the sunset as you never have before!. Watch the light shimmer and dance across tranquil waves as you relax with your beloved ones aboard Mallorcas most modern catamaran.

Our large deck and our chill out Hammocks allow an intimate and comfortable experience.

Imagine this special moment, relaxing on the deck with friends and loved-ones, sipping your drink and waiting for the sun to slowly sink behind the horizon.

Embark towards the sunset on our exclusive catamaran to enjoy a unique experience in the Mediterranean Sea.