Committed to the environment

The seas and oceans are the cradle of life and a treasure to be cared for together. Therefore, Life & Sea works actively to promote their conservation.

Plastic-Free Catamaran

At Life & Sea we have always been committed to sustainability,
which is why we decided from day one to dispense with the use of plastics on our boat.

To do this, we took several measures, such as the use of recycled and reusable cardboard packaging in our catering, including cutlery, and discarded the sale of plastic water bottles, exchanging them for tetrabricks.

Save Posidonia

We evaluate in detail the areas where we anchor, promote awareness of the importance of conserving Posidonia meadows and from our group we actively participate in projects for its conservation.

Marine Educational Project

We organize, together with Vellmarí, a training program in marine conservation and diving, supported by different companies committed to the cause.

Our objective is to connect children and young people with the marine ecosystem, create awareness and habits to reflect on in order to improve their actions with the underwater world in a fun and responsible way.